The prodigal son, Nate Diaz of the UFC, is currently returning to the promotion.
The fan-favorite that is longtime will fill 50% of the Diaz-brothers-shaped hole that has been a bothersome presence in the UFC.
The elder of Stockton, nick, the Diaz brothers of California, has not competed since January 2015 in MMA. So, it is great to have the planet’s foremost arts business is rejoined by one of the siblings that are no-nonsense.
Diaz’s opponent for his comeback struggle is your former UFC winner. He’ll be expecting this one ends better.
Diaz’s final bout resulted in what you might refer to as a”lose-win situation” for the now 34-year-old.
By the narrowest of conclusions, the Cesar Gracie BJJ black belt lost in his rematch with Conor McGregor at UFC 202. Disappointing, convinced, but at least he got to wash the tears off his face with a cool $13 million into his joint purse and earnings that were pay-per-view.
Of course he wanted a little time off.
Now the UFC boy will probably soon be focusing on Pettis and also a chance to reestablish himself.
As with his last two bouts against McGregor, this one will probably be scrapped at welterweight. Diaz is 2-3 in his last five fights in 170 pounds while Pettis is 1-0 at the UFC in welterweight following an unbelievable win over Stephen Thompson in March.
What a fight we have in store.

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