Former lightweight winner Frankie Edgar (22-5, 7 KOs, 4 SUBs) will meet undefeated Brian Ortega (13-0, two KOs, 7 SUBs) in UFC 222 on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card airs live on pay-per-view starting 10 p.m. ET after the FS1 prelims. Bet on the latest UFC chances at and find the most recent previews, predictions and selections today.
God bless Frankie Edgar. Rather than sitting on the sidelines and waiting patiently for his title shot against Max Holloway – that was probably what 99% of fighters could have done – that the former lightweight champ is electing to stay on this Saturday’s UFC 222 card in Las Vegas. Not only is he risking his name shot, he is meeting arguably the most popular fighter in the division, the undefeated Brian Ortega.
Cruising the messageboards, I’ve seen a lot of fan love for Edgar for being a”real” fighter. It is difficult not to agree, particularly when you’ve got men like Tyron Woodley who sat out for a year and a half to get his chance at the strap. Let’s not forget just how much more a fighter stands to create not only in a title fight, but in sponsorship opportunities as the winner. But Edgar has always been a competitor, and in his own words, he”was sick of not fighting”.
So we have got one of the branch’s most experienced scrappers meeting among it is most reckless BJJ players. How should you bet this fight? Let us take a peek at the UFC chances at, break down the matchup and discuss your best betting options.
UFC Odds at
Brian Ortega +170
Frankie Edgar -215
Fight goes/doesn’t move to conclusion -230/+170
Odds Analysis
Edgar opened as greater than a 2-1 favorite, and his cash lineup has hovered around the -200 to -215 range. Ortega can be located anywhere from +150 to +170. Oddsmakers are giving Edgar a ton of respect, despite Ortega stealing the show with a beastly win over Cub Swanson in his last outing.
I’d expect a flood of late night bets on Ortega, as his potential is too tantalizing to ignore. It’s impossible to not think you are taking a look at a future winner when you see him struggle. Although Edgar is undoubtedly the very best opponent’s he’s confronted,”The Answer” is also 36 and a bit past his prime.
Matchup Analysis
There’s an obvious size difference between both. Although Edgar is a former lightweight, he’s a small enough 145er that there has been rumblings of him dropping down to bantamweight. By comparison, Ortega is a huge featherweight who must cut considerable pounds to make the limit. Against Swanson, who’s by no means little, Ortega looked like he was in another weight class.
But Frankie’s made a career out of beating larger dudes. His skillset is extremely well-rounded, and it begins with elite footwork and wrestling. On the feet, Frankie is in perpetual movement, moving in and out, side to side, into range and slipping out while peppering competitions with head-body hitting combinations. The guy wouldn’t be out of place within a squared circle.

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